If you feel like your body and health are wearing down, research has shown that Micronutrients are the answer.

Every day you need to protect and fuel your cells with critical Micronutrients.

Micro Daily
is the answer

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Micronutrients for Big Results

Your body, your environment, stress, and poor diet deplete the important natural free-radical and inflammation-fighting agents you naturally produce. In order to limit the chain reactions caused by free-radicals, you must supplement your nutrition with critical micronutrients essential to helping your body fight damage while supporting normal physiological functions.

Micro Daily helps you master your body’s ability to fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals and inflammation. Ensuring that your nutrition is properly supplemented with the right combination of ingredients will help your body achieve optimal cellular function. This is the only way to fight the effects of aging, a less than perfect diet, and the environmental stress that you encounter every day.

Dr. Kedar Prasad PhD
Chief Science OFficer & Product Formulator

What Can Micro Daily Do for You?

  • A proprietary system implemented to ensure efficacy, safety, most effective absorption
  • Delivers effective cellular defense of free radical damage 
  • Supports normal neurological function and increases mental clarity and focus
  • Powerful detoxification and immune support
  • Supports improved mood and immune function
  • Helps maintain normal cardiovascular function
  • Supports joint and tissue health
  • Enhanced Daily Natural Energy
  • Sleep Better

Request a 4 day Sample for free?*.

*$5.99 shipping and handling fee
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What We Put In is almost as important as what we leave out

In 2013 a Harvard study showed that, most multivitamins offer no measurable health benefits—barely covering your basic nutrition needs as they go unused in your body and literally end up down the drain. Carefully crafted ingredient combinations make Micro Daily more effective than any other supplement on the market. Simply put, Micro Daily works to help you feel great again.



Protect cells from harmful effects of free radicals, promote a strong immune system, healthy skin, and eye health.



Synergistically enhance energy production, support cell growth, & protect cells from free radicals.



Nourishes and protects the brain with vitamin E succinate that crosses the blood-brain barrier.


Nrf2 Activators

Enhance the levels of antioxidants essential for reducing oxidative damage and chronic inflammation.



Fight the effects of free radicals and rid your body of dangerous heavy metals with glutathione.


No Heavy Metals

No iron, copper, or manganese. Combined with Vitamin C, these metals can produce high levels of free radicals. If you take iron, take it 2 hours before or after taking your Micro Daily.

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What are Others Are Saying About Micro Daily?

“I have been taking Micro Daily for almost two years. The most profound thing I can honestly say about Micro Daily is that it works and it has changed my life!  I was feeling old and run down far too soon for being 60 years old.  Since Micro Daily came into my life I feel as though I’m starting out in life again! Dr. Prasad with his Micro Daily has blessed my life and I will forever be grateful for his dedication to unlock the power of micronutrients.”

– Brad O.

“Thank you Dr. Prasad for spending your lifetime doing the research to create Micro Daily. I have struggled with numerous health issues for years.  Once I started taking Micro Daily, my health issues improved dramatically and I am sleeping better than I have in many years. My overall sense of well-being and health have been elevated to a place I never thought I would feel again.  I’ve tried so many supplements that just didn’t work and finally found something that actually works!  Thank you Engage Global.”

– Zelda M.

Fight oxidative stress and protect your body at the cellular level.

Micronutrients ensure your body the proper nutrition it needs everyday.

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